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AcCELLerate™ Therapy

AcCELLerate™ Therapy

Our Houston clinic’s AcCELLerate™ Therapy innovatively combines patients’ own stem cells with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), accelerating stem cell activation. This unique approach yields faster and more sustained improvements, about 30% quicker than traditional stem cell treatments. Our expertise in PRP and stem cell therapies positions us as a leader in natural healing solutions, leveraging the body’s repair mechanisms for enhanced recovery.

The AcCELLerate™ therapy uniquely blends your stem cells with your plasma and platelets to enhance the treatment’s effectiveness by activating the mixture. This innovative approach aims to boost the body’s natural healing process.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) enhances stem cell therapy’s healing effects. Our Houston clinic is a leader in this treatment, which involves straightforward preparatory steps:

All it takes is a phone call

This approach is designed to harness and amplify your body's natural repair mechanisms

Merging stem cells with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) can amplify your body’s natural repair capabilities, shortening the recovery period needed to regain full functionality and movement in injured muscles and ligaments. This approach can accelerate your healing process, ensuring optimal outcomes for your health requirements.

The AcCELLerate™ Stem Cell regeneration system is at the forefront of effectively regenerating damaged tissues. Our treatments are versatile, addressing conditions from degenerative arthritis in knees, hips, elbows, or hands, to mending knee ligaments, torn rotator cuffs, or other muscle injuries. At our Houston clinic, the AcCELLerate™ Stem Cell and PRP therapy regeneration system offers your body the greatest potential for natural healing, eliminating the need for medications or surgical interventions.

Our unique AcCELLerate combination therapy, utilizing both stem cells and PRP, leverages your body’s own repair mechanisms to treat injured tissues. This method involves isolating and concentrating your healing cells and then accurately injecting them into the affected areas. The innovative combination of platelets and stem cells, a technique perfected in our clinic, has been shown to significantly reduce pain and enhance functionality 30% faster than using adult stem cells alone. If you’re in the Houston vicinity and are considering PRP therapy and stem cell injections, Houston Regenerative Medicine is ready to assist you.


What our Patient Say

Pursuing surgery, especially for shoulders, the outcome isn’t really that good. Having a natural way to heal your shoulder is definitely the avenue I wanted to take. After 3 weeks, I started to notice the range of motion in my shoulder improved by 75%; pain was reduced by 50%.

(Stem Cell Therapy)

I have to walk down the staircase to meet my fiance to get married. Walking and stairs have been so incredibly painful. Having this procedure, there is no downtime, and I’m feeling so much better – I’m expecting to walk down that staircase without any trouble.

(acCELLerate™ Therapy)

They spun out the stem cells, in probably about an hour, and then shot it into my right knee. It was painless and simple and I got up and walked out with no pain in my knee. It’s been 8 weeks since I had the procedure done, and the coolest thing is I don’t even think about my knee.

(Stem Cell Therapy)

The first five days, so-so, uncomfortable. After about the fifth day it’s been nothing but better and better. Progressively better – I’d say, every two weeks I’m seeing big increments of change. I’m sleeping right through the night.

(acCELLerate™ Therapy)