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Here at HRM, we understand the importance of your time. To provide you with quick and convenient access to information about our stem cell treatments in Houston, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) in this blog. By referring to Houston Regenerative Medicine’s FAQ, you can find answers to your queries right away.
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Stemcells are great for many regenerative purposes such as joints (knees, hips, shoulders, ankles, wrist) and certain systemic issues such as COPD and immune-boosting (depends on doctor’s evaluation).
Every patient’s case is unique and therefore price is patient-specific depending on multiple factors that the doctor will discuss in a free consultation.
Unfortunately, no, insurance will not cover these types of medical injections. However, some insurance may reimburse you for portions of the procedure.
We do offer multiple options for qualifying patients. Care Credit, CareCap, and Advance care. If your score is good, you could easily get approved for the procedure.
These procedures are performed using a local anesthetic. Patients can walk out of our clinic with little or no residual discomfort.
We can get you scheduled for a free consultation with the doctor who would also perform the procedure.
Dr. Joel Cherdack walks you through Houston Regenerative Medicine’s evaluation and treatment process in the video below.

If you are interested in stem cell therapy and want to know if you qualify, click here or call us at 833-STEM–GEN (833-783-6436) to schedule a free consultation with one of our physicians.


What our Patient Say

Pursuing surgery, especially for shoulders, the outcome isn’t really that good. Having a natural way to heal your shoulder is definitely the avenue I wanted to take. After 3 weeks, I started to notice the range of motion in my shoulder improved by 75%; pain was reduced by 50%.

(Stem Cell Therapy)

I have to walk down the staircase to meet my fiance to get married. Walking and stairs have been so incredibly painful. Having this procedure, there is no downtime, and I’m feeling so much better – I’m expecting to walk down that staircase without any trouble.

(acCELLerate™ Therapy)

They spun out the stem cells, in probably about an hour, and then shot it into my right knee. It was painless and simple and I got up and walked out with no pain in my knee. It’s been 8 weeks since I had the procedure done, and the coolest thing is I don’t even think about my knee.

(Stem Cell Therapy)

The first five days, so-so, uncomfortable. After about the fifth day it’s been nothing but better and better. Progressively better – I’d say, every two weeks I’m seeing big increments of change. I’m sleeping right through the night.

(acCELLerate™ Therapy)