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Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain

Houston Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain

Lower back pain, often due to the spine’s structure bearing our weight, can lead to significant wear and tear. Traditional treatments have varied widely, from pain medication and physical therapy to more invasive options like steroid injections and surgery. However, these methods can escalate over time as patients seek to avoid surgery, known for its potential unsuccessful outcomes and lengthy, painful recovery.

How does Stem Cell Therapy work for Lower Back Pain?

A common inquiry is about stem cell therapy’s ability to alleviate lower back pain. Our procedure involves harvesting a patient’s own stem cells, concentrating them, and then injecting them into the spinal area. These cells naturally migrate to inflamed regions, engaging with and soothing aggravated nerves and tissue. This normal healing process had been “short-circuited” by the chronic inflammation associated with degenerative arthritis and wear-and-tear on the lower back. By using stem cells to treat the areas of inflammation, the pain dramatically subsides and function returns.

What makes Stem Cell Treatment different from Steroid injections for Lower Back Pain?

Stem cell injections offer a long-lasting alternative to steroid injections, which may cause tissue damage with repeated use. Unlike steroids that can lead to tissue breakdown, stem cells aid in rebuilding tissue. Regenerative medicine utilizes these therapies for natural healing, leveraging the body’s stem cells. Research supports stem cells’ potential in repairing various tissues, including cartilage and ligaments, emphasizing the body’s inherent ability to heal naturally.

Stem Cell Treatments for Back Pain

Stem cell therapy for back pain is emerging as a preferred approach for those seeking non-surgical solutions. This method offers an alternative to daily medications, aiming for a drug-free, pain-free lifestyle without resorting to invasive surgery.
For over a decade, the physicians at Houston Regenerative Medicine have specialized in stem cell therapy as an innovative solution for lower back pain. If traditional methods like physical therapy and injections haven’t relieved your pain, stem cell therapy could offer a new avenue for relief. Consider scheduling a consultation at Houston Regenerative Medicine to explore this option further.

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Treat Chronic Pain With Stem Cells

The stem cell therapy for back pain offered at our clinic is straightforward and swift, requiring no anesthesia and completed in under two hours. This procedure involves extracting stem cells from your bone marrow, purifying them, and then injecting them into the epidural space of the spine. This targets the inflammation causing lower back pain. Post-procedure, patients can go home with minimal activity restrictions for a few days.

Most patients undergoing stem cell therapy for lower back pain report a noticeable reduction in discomfort within three weeks following the treatment.

Stem cell therapy reaches its peak effectiveness around three months after treatment, providing relief for several years. It stands as a successful, safe alternative to conventional treatments for lower back pain, demonstrating significant outcomes. This approach not only aligns with regenerative medicine’s principles but also significantly accelerates the body’s own healing mechanisms.

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What our Patient Say

Pursuing surgery, especially for shoulders, the outcome isn’t really that good. Having a natural way to heal your shoulder is definitely the avenue I wanted to take. After 3 weeks, I started to notice the range of motion in my shoulder improved by 75%; pain was reduced by 50%.

(Stem Cell Therapy)

I have to walk down the staircase to meet my fiance to get married. Walking and stairs have been so incredibly painful. Having this procedure, there is no downtime, and I’m feeling so much better – I’m expecting to walk down that staircase without any trouble.

(acCELLerate™ Therapy)

They spun out the stem cells, in probably about an hour, and then shot it into my right knee. It was painless and simple and I got up and walked out with no pain in my knee. It’s been 8 weeks since I had the procedure done, and the coolest thing is I don’t even think about my knee.

(Stem Cell Therapy)

The first five days, so-so, uncomfortable. After about the fifth day it’s been nothing but better and better. Progressively better – I’d say, every two weeks I’m seeing big increments of change. I’m sleeping right through the night.

(acCELLerate™ Therapy)